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A brief Internet history

When the Internet first became popular, only very large fortune 500 companies were intrigued by this new advertising platform. These companies immediately dedicated a major percentage of their advertising budget to their internet marketing campaigns and web design firms around the globe. At this point, all of these companies realized that they needed to build and maintain an online presence if they were to compete successfully with each other. The web sites these companies were building were available mostly to people at work or with an on-line connection at home on a PC or Mac. Most of these connections were used over a regular phone line and were very slow due to the limited bandwidth. This was called Dial-Up and tied up your phone line so you could not recieve calls while on the internet. (Remember those days?) Other smaller companies began repeating this process of putting up a web site to jump on this so called internet revolution or bandwagon at the time.

Years later, as more homes and businesses became connected to the World Wide Web, two companies called Netscape and Microsoft came out with a search capability in their web browser which would help the user find more relevant information he or she was looking for. The world wide web was now becoming one of the most popular means of advertising. It has proven to be much less expensive than television. Therefore almost every company and/or person from fortune 500's to no fortunes at all were now "on-line" and this leveled the playing field. This was an amazing momentus event in U.S. history. Suddenly the small and large companies were competing side by side and this made things very difficult for the user, because they could no longer find what they were searching for. Instead, they would find mostly unrelated content and adult material.

Shortly after this, bandwidth increased. Most homes and offices became more and more impressed by the increase in speed on their own computers. Then a company called Yahoo gave the user the ability to search for a specific term by using an entry-field on their actual web site which in turn brought up paid and non-paid relevant web sites right to your screen. Then the "craze" hit. Everybody including Google had to get in on this action.

Now most people have either DSL, Cable, Or Fiber Optic networks at home and at the office, and Google became the leader in the search engine field. Trailing behind is Yahoo and behind them is MSN. There are many other companies also which offer search capabilities such as HotBot, Ask, Excite and Lycos.

The problem now is that "YOU" the company or the information provider can no longer be found because of one important fact! There are millions and millions of web sites out there in the World Wide Web. So, search engines like Google came up with a secret algorithm tied into thousands of computers scouring the internet every nanosecond for web pages that were most helpful to the searcher/user.

What we do is simple.

It has been proven that most people will not look through more than 3 pages of search engine results before choosing a web site. This is where we can help. We optimize your web site so that your company comes up within the first pages of all the major search engines. The public will be able to find your web site quickly and easily on all the major search engines, increasing traffic and sales.

Last year, an internet research and marketing firm found that search engines are the most popular tool for researching products and services before making an online purchase. And of these, 74% used search engines for research and 54% used search engines to find web sites to make purchases online.

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