What is Search Engine Optimization?

Most businesses need to have an online presence as a means to generate revenue. This could be as simple as a Google listing with the company name, address, and operation hours, but most businesses benefit from doing more, like creating websites and being active on various social media platforms. One of the big problems with creating websites and digital media is that the Internet is full of other people doing similar things. How will anyone find your sites, unless specifically searching for your name?

Search Engine Optimization, most commonly referred to as SEO, helps businesses get their websites in front of the people who would want to see it. Simply put, our mission at FirstPage Solutions is to get your website to the first page of all the key Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). We have been an SEO company on SI for 10+ years.

Sites like Google and Bing create algorithms that allow a user to search information collected from the entire web. It is almost as if sites like Google are the librarians of the Internet. When someone types in a search term, like shoes NYC, Bing will search the entire web for accurate results from trusted websites.

At FirstPage Solutions, we know how to build and manage sites to optimize their presence on the Internet. We can help take your website from the 20th page of Google and bring it to page number one, where all the right people will see it. If you are looking for anĀ SEO company on Staten Island, please give us a call today

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