What is the Best Way to Market a Business Online?


Before we get into which methods of digital marketing might work best for you, it is essential to establish a basic fact: a business that doesn’t work to create a name on the internet is likely to doom itself to irrelevance. Regardless of how you choose to market your business, it is just crucial that you do something. The internet is often a vast landscape of information coming in all types: how will people find you?

What is digital marketing?

This is a blanket term used to discuss all the means possible for marketing a business or website on the internet. There are many options to consider, from videos that play on YouTube ads to organic search results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – most people directly think about Google regarding paid advertising, but that is only one channel you can access. You can pay for advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and many more. It is even possible to run advertisements on Reddit. Knowing your target demographic can help you pick the PPC that is right for you. Younger shoppers like and click on an ad from sources like Tik Tok, whereas older (often homeowners) prefer Google Ads.

Search Engine Optimization – Google has put a lot of information on the page when a person searches and most of the top is now ads, in some form or another. Under that is what Google calls “organic search results.” These results are not paid for, and Google is showing them because their algorithms think those sites are the most relevant and reliable (Google cares about both). As Google creates more and more ads, shoppers are now more likely to click an organic link thinking it is more trustworthy than an ad. The main problem with SEO is that it can be a long process to show good results, and it is a constant battle with the competition that is also optimizing their website.

Other means of digital advertising include:

Email Marketing: great for local service businesses and companies running promotions
Social Media Marketing: great for the service industry and younger demographics
Content Marketing: great for sites that want to build strong reliability on the web

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