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What is a PPC Audit?

A pay-per-click (PPC) audit is a comprehensive review of a business’s PPC campaigns and advertising efforts. A PPC audit aims to identify improvement opportunities and make recommendations for optimizing the campaigns to achieve better results.

Here are some specific ways that a PPC audit can benefit a business:

Identifying areas of waste: A PPC audit can help identify areas where a business is spending money unnecessarily or ineffectively. This can include identifying keywords that are not driving conversions, targeting the wrong audience, or using the wrong ad formats.

Improving ROI: A PPC audit can help a business optimize its campaigns to drive a higher return on investment (ROI). This can include identifying opportunities to improve ads’ quality score, increasing ads’ relevance to the target audience, and improving the overall performance of the campaigns.

Identifying new opportunities: A PPC audit can help a business identify new opportunities for growth and expansion. This can include identifying new keywords to target, new ad formats to test, or new audience segments to target.

Improving the user experience: A PPC audit can help a business improve the user experience for its target audience. This can include identifying opportunities to improve the landing pages that ads lead to, ensuring that the ad copy is relevant and compelling, and improving the overall user journey.


Overall, a PPC audit can help a business improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its PPC campaigns, resulting in better performance and a higher ROI. It is an important part of any PPC strategy and should be conducted regularly to ensure that campaigns are optimized for success.

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